Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can use the Samsung Partner Marketing Hub?
    The program is available to all Samsung registered partners. To become a participating partner, click here.
  2. How much does it cost?
    This program is free to partners selected to participate. Samsung has covered the cost in full.
  3. How can I measure the effectiveness of this program?
    The program includes analytics that will let you know how many of the people visiting your website have also been clicking through on links from your social posts, interacting with specific product pages within your syndicated website content, and clicking on your emails, along with other activities. You can use this information to acquire new contacts and inform your sales conversations. You'll also be able to track how your audience of followers grows over time.
  4. How long does it take to get started?

    The implementation process is very straightforward. Campaigns require making style selections and uploading an initial contact list. Syndicated content requires making some style selections and adding a line of code into your website. This typically takes a website administrator only a few minutes and detailed instructions are available.

  5. Are there limits on the number of prospects that can be contacted?
    There are no limits to the size of contact lists that can be maintained.
  6. What aspects of a campaign can I customize?
    Through the Samsung Partner Marketing Hub you can insure that your branding is maintained. This includes:
    • Setting the color scheme and logos to be added to all communications
    • Choosing products to be promoted
    • Limiting any content that doesn't speak to your audience. For example, case studies can be filtered so that only those in line with your delivery capabilities are promoted
    • Adjusting the looks of any website enhancements to match the existing website styles
  7. If I utilize syndicated content, are my website visitors linking to content on another site?
    No, the Samsung Partner Marketing Hub content is embedded into a page on the your company website so it's not linked to a separate site.
  8. Can I run my own campaigns through Zift?
    Yes. In addition to the Samsung customizable campaigns, Zift provides complete functionality for running campaigns you create. There are several templates to choose from to support your specific needs.
  9. Will Samsung be able to view details about my leads?
    No, Samsung cannot see any names, addresses, or other content specific to leads that come from your database. Samsung can see numbers associated with activities such as list size and performance metrics.
  10. Who is "Zift Solutions®"?
    Zift Solutions is a marketing syndication company that allows companies like Samsung to provide marketing content to their partners - empowering them to market more effectively and increase sales.

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